In November-December, Staff Training

October 27th, Xinhua young reporterscame and visited the company

In October, held internal audit ofmanagement system

In October, study tour to Japan.

October 5-7, sales training.

In October, the company carried outbasketball games, fun games, "government-enterprise connection"cultural performance in the city workers' cultural palace and activities inShuitingmen to enrich the spare time of employees.

September 17, customer exchange activities.

September 12-16 Shanghai exhibition

July 31 Vice Governor Gao Xingfu visited Kingdecorforguidance.

July 4-5 post staff for gravure printingseries knowledge training.

In June, the company carried out safetyproduction, fire and environmental protection emergency drills

May 21 district deputy secretary anddistrict governor Zhu Sufang visited Kingdecor for research.

In May, the company carried out tug-of-war,badminton, table tennis, billiards and basketball activities to enrich thespare time of employees.

April 22nd, the company's energymanagement system construction project launch meeting.

March 20 the company green factoryevaluation kick-off meeting.

On March 12, a delegation from theDepartment of Commerce visited Kingdecor for guidance.

March 8, the company held "Care forwomen, take care of health" science popularization lecture.

February 23, Induction training for newemployees.

February 16, the company's annual openingceremony.

January 18, Quzhou College Xianhe / Kingdecorpaper class graduation ceremony.

January 9, Yang Jiong, deputy director ofthe Provincial Water Resources Department visited Kingdecor for research.

January 3, Meng Xiaojun, deputy director ofthe Provincial Science and Technology Department visited Kingdecor for research