KINGDECOR is always advocating family culture, treating everyone in company as a family member.

      Home, is a warm harbor, bring family members back to peace. KINGDECOR is not only a company, but also a big family in this society. With family culture, KINGDECOR can unite the staffs around tightly, step forward for a same goal, explore the future of KINGDECOR together.

      KINGDECOR provides 8 six-stock apartments (equipped by 160 private rooms with two living rooms and two bedrooms and 608 private single rooms) and 2 thirteen-stock apartments (with 76 family rooms with three living rooms and two bedrooms, 54 rooms with two living rooms and two bedrooms) to its staffs.

      Living support facilities in KINGDECOR community also include café, Billiards room, Gym, meeting room, China Communist Party activity room etc.  The community is also equipped by big parking lot and Kindergarten.

      No matter where the staffs come from, as long as they are working in KINGDECOR, they are guaranteed by happiness!