Do you know how to wear mask and deal with it?
Date:2020-02-07 08:15:59

Avoid spreading

Route of transmission

● Direct transmission: The patient sneezes, coughs, droplet, exhales the air close contact direct inhalation, may cause the infection.

Aerosol transmission: Droplets are mixed in the air to form aerosols, which cause infection after inhalation.

Contact transmission: The droplets are deposited onthe surface of the object. After contacting the contaminated hand, they are exposed to the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, eyes, etc., resulting ininfection.

To protect others is to protect oneself

The protective effect of any type of respirator mustbe replaced when it is expired. If the mask is contaminated, it should be replaced immediately.

When the mask is not used temporarily, it should be folded and stored in a sealing bag. It is not recommended to reuse the disposable mask.

If people is wearing a mask while out, it is impossible to tell whether he has contact with a novel coronavirus. From the perspective of protecting the life and health of the public to the greatest extent, it is recommended to disinfect the used masks with alcohol and put them separately insealed bags such as plastic bags and then discard them in a closed garbage can.

A novel coronavirus is a virus that can be passed from person to person. Most viruses are transmitted in "droplets." In addition, academician Zhongnanshan has already given us a popular science in the outbreak of the epidemic: "To prevent coronavirus, wearing a mask is useful."

How to wear N95

Disposable mask wearing method

How to wash your hands properly

Proper hand washing is effective in preventing diseases.

In daily life, wash hands by the following steps:

►1 Keep your hands quite wet under running water.

►2 Take proper amount of hand sanitizer or soap and apply to the whole palm, back of hand, fingers and cracks evenly.

►3 Rubbing your hands together.

►4 The right palm covers the back of the left hand with the fingers crossed and vice versa.

►5 Palms facing each other, fingers crossed.

►6 The back of the five fingers is folded in the palm of the other hand.

►7 Hold the thumb of the left hand in the right hand, rotate and rub, and vice versa.

►8 Put the five fingers of the right hand together in the left palm, rotate and rub in the positive and negative directions, and vice versa.

►9 Wash hands with water.

►10 Using a clean paper or towel to make it dry.

►11 Turn off the faucet with a clean paper or towel, or rinse off the faucet with water.

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