Kingdecor wishes all teachers a happy holiday!
Date:2019-09-10 14:19:46

Respecting teachers and valuing education is a fineChinese tradition. As early as the western zhou dynasty in the 11th century BC,it was put forward that "disciples and teachers should respect the samefather". Teachers' day is a time to affirm teachers' contributions toeducation. In 1985, the ninth session of the sixth National People's Congressstanding committee passed the state council on the establishment of teachers'day proposal, it was truly confirmed that September 10, 1985 as the firstteacher's day in China.

Shien as deep asthe sea, peaches and plums everywhere,

Every teacher Imeet,

Are a beacon onthe road of life.

Where he shallstand in cold and heat,

To give us lightin the night of ignorance,

We walked, withgratitude, the road was clear.

It's teachers'day.

Kingdecor wishesall teachers a happy holiday!