Feeling of Dragon Boat Festival and sublimation of "family" culture
Date:2019-06-03 14:12:51

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Dragon Boat Festival originated from the worship of heaven, from the ancient times of dragon totem sacrifice evolved.

Integrating Into the enterprise feelings of the Dragon Boat Festival

Eating zongzi is the traditional custom of Dragon Boat Festival. According to historical records, which is originated in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period. It was gradually handed down in memory of Qu Yuan, the official of Chu dynasty. Until now, at the beginning of May every year, people in China soak glutinous rice, wash zongzi leaves and wrap zongzi, with a wide variety ofdesigns and colors.

"Family"culture of Dragon Boat Festival

In the coming ofthe annual Dragon Boat Festival, We already prepared delicious zongzi for all hard-working people to let our staff fully feel the warmth of family.The zongzi is full of the company's infinite care for employees. The company advocates the"family" culture, the zongzi means warmth of the family and the warmth of home and happiness!

The heart is like glutinous rice, the more sticky it is, the tighter it is; the feeling is like leaves,the more cooked it is, the more fragrant it is. On the occasion of the DragonBoat Festival, kingdecor wishes you a happy and health Dragon Boat Festival!