Colorful activities enrich employees' spare time life
Date:2019-05-13 09:57:10

In order to enrich employees' spare timelife, activate the working atmosphere, strengthen the relationship amongcolleagues, and enhance the cohesion of the team, Xianhe Corp. and KINGDECORheld a variety of interesting activities.

Highlights of the game

The badminton game

The rapid pace and fast swing of the playersmake the shuttlecock shuttle back and forth between the two sides like thearrow leaving the string. The momentum is extraordinary.

A game of billiards

Fast                                            Accurate 

Refinement                                   Resolute

Table tennis game

Table tennis flies to and fro, wonderful!

The basketball game

Under the night light, the lively basketballcourt

A tug of war

As the referee whistled and the match beganto heat up, the crowd of onlookers enthusiastically cheered.

Fun activities notonly enrich employees' spare time life, but also ignite their enthusiasm andconfidence to participate in sports. The activities thoroughly implement thecorporate culture, in addition, promote the friendship between employees andenhance the team spirit. At thesame time, it shows the spirit of forging ahead with unity and daring to fight.