The Graduation Ceremony of Xianhe/Kingdecor Papermaking Class of Quzhou Universityends Successfully
Date:2019-01-19 08:30:00

On the morning of January 18,the graduation ceremony of Xianhe/Kingdecor papermaking class of Quzhou university was held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of Xianhe club.Wu Guoqiang, the vice President of QuzhouUniversity; Zheng Qifu, the dean of school of chemistry and material engineering of Quzhou university; Zhao Jianhua, the dean of school ofcontinuing education of Quzhou university; Wang Minlan, the executive deputy GMof Xianhe Corp.; Luo Zhirong, the deputy GM of Kingdecor, attended the meeting.Zheng Qifu presided over the meeting.

1.All rise for the national anthem.

2.The graduate representatives received the diploma.

3.Outstanding graduates.

4.President Wu delivered a speech.

President Wu made a speech.Firstly, I would like to thank you for working and studying at the same time.I hope you all can put what you have learned into the practice work and contribute what you have learned to our Xianhe Group. Secondly, we have to thank the leadership of Xianhe and Kingdecor.As a private enterprise, she is willing to spend so much money and energy to cultivate our staffs,it is really rare here.Thirdly,for the future, the development of the university is inseparable from the support from all walks of life.The university will also develop to a higher level,we will cultivate more persons with abilities and skills for all the enterprises and make contributions to the development of them.

5.Wang Minlan, the executive deputy generalmanager of XianheGroup, made a speech.

Vice President Wang Minlan would like to thank the Quzhou university leaders for attending the graduation ceremony. The first batch of 89 graduates officially graduated today.In March 2016,the company and Quzhou university jointly established a three -year college course on fine chemicals,which has created a group of professionals specializing inpapermaking and environmental protection for our group. We hope that all papermaking class students can apply the knowledge of papermaking to their daily work,and promote and achieve the development of the company with their provement of personal ability.The company keeps making employees understand that there is No End For Learning,that we should keep learning and improving our comprehensive quality.No matter how hard the work is,we should never forget learning,To arm our minds with knowledge.You are going hand in hand with thecompany.

6.Gruop photo of all graduates.