“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—the Team Competition of Paper Machine
Date:2019-01-03 10:26:52

The skills competition of the team competition of paper machine was successfully finished.

As a manufacturing enterprise, we know that: product quality is the cornerstone of the brand, work efficiency is the embodiment of post value. There were six teams which took part in the competition. It requires not only the strong skill level of competitors, but also the ability to cooperate with each other as a team.

1. Content and regulations of the competition

Content: change paper


(1)Start timing when beating;

(2) Rubberizing lamination;

(3) Actual operating time=total time - broken paper time;

(4)Total Score = theory exam score*30% + practical score*70%.

2. The picture of competition

The ability of organization, coordination and communication of employees are improved, and the team spirit of cooperation is also established by the competition.


Adjusting color


Dedicated papermakers

Under the efforts of all people, the team competition of paper machine was successfully finished, and we finally selected one first-prize winner ,one second-prize winner and one third-prize winner. Paper machines are hearts of papermaking enterprise, the operation of paper machine requires a large knowledge reserve and strong operation skills, as well as tacit and good cooperation of employees. During the competition, the employees cooperate with each other sincerely, which reflects the professional skill level and excellent professional quality.