“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—Chinese Cooking Position Competition
Date:2018-10-27 13:53:07

    The Chinese cooking position skill competition ended successfully!

    In order to improve the life of all staffs, improve the food quality of the canteen, enhance the technical quality of Chinese cooking skills, and serve better for all staffs, we held a Chinese Cooking Skills Competition on the afternoon of Oct.27th in the administrative building Canteen.

Site: The kitchen of KINGDECOR

Content: Finish three dishes in 30 minutes:" Chili and sour potato", "shredded pork with chili and soy" and "potato in hot toffee"

Judges:20 Judges from staffs

Requirements:1.The match must be finished within 30 minutes, over one minute ,deducted one point from the total

2.The dishes' sense of taste, appearance and proficiency in on-site operation are evaluated and graded

Reward: One, Two, Three Prizes

The competition was starting.

Prepare fresh ingredients

Slicing technique show

Tense atmosphere

Potatoes become shredded potatoes

Put into the pot……




  Judges spokehighly of all the dishes and cooks. The competition follows the principle of"fairness, justice and openness". We respect objectivity, seek truthfrom facts, strictly guard the pass, accurately judge, and make fair judgmentfor this competition.

Food iseverything! The competition sets up a communication platform for employees andchefs, which effectively stimulates the enthusiasm of chefs. The competition isnot only the expression of excellent cooking skills, but also the bestinterpretation of the pursuit of craftsman spirit.