“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—Forklift Operator Position Competition
Date:2018-10-23 16:53:15

  On Oct. 20th, 2018, forklift operator position competition ended successfully! Participants were qualified for the theory examination for manufacturing department, ministry of public resources and logistics department. The forklift operator position competition is a concentrated display of the drivers' skill level, which is full of interest, appreciation, technicality and practicality.

1.Referees were in place

Referees checked the judging criteria of the competition.


So nervous! it's time to start!

3.Splendid moment

  The competition has four contents(1)Get ready to start, walking with an empty fork;(2)The pallet carries water to go "8";(3)Stacking in the "";(4)The forklift is finally put in place.

(1) Get ready to start, walking with an empty fork

  Referees tracks the score to ensure a fair and fair competition.

(2) The pallet carries water to go "8"

  The event investigates the stationary and operation standard of forklift driver.


(3) Stacking in the ""

  The event checked the accuracy of participants' stacking, no line pressure, no line crossing.

(4)The forklift is finally put in place

  The event requires drivers to stop the forklift in accordance with the relevant operating procedures and accurately park in the original position.

4.After the competition to guide

    After the competition, referees explained the competition content to each participant, so that the staff can realize the deficiency in their operation process, improve their professional knowledge and make their operation more accurate and standard.

    With the close cooperation of all department, forklift operator position competition was a complete success! A total of 1 first-prize, 3 second-prize, 6 third-prize and a number of encouraging-prize be determined.

Through this skill competition, the comprehensive ability of the competitors to forklift driving skills, transport safety and work efficiency was improved, and a good atmosphere was created to value skills and respect talents in the company. It's showed the professional skills of the personnel in the position of KINGDECOR staff.