“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—Quality Control Position Competition
Date:2018-10-16 09:12:16

Quality control position skills competition was successful finished on October 14th,2018.

After more than 10 hours of practicalcompetition, eighteen quality control inspectors had reached the final competition. In the competition, competitors are required to carry out theoperation of various features (smoothness/airpermeability/ dry tensilestrength/ wet tensile strength/ash measuring/printing effect, etc.) andrecorded them on the paper. The average score is divided into actual operationscore by three judges.

Competition rules: Total Score = Theory Exam Score*30% + Electric Exam Score*35% + Instrument Exam score*35%

The manager of quality inspection department read the requirements of competition.

The Referee Group

Silhouette Competition Scene

By virtue of their skillful skills and meticulous operation, the competitortreated each step seriously and operated with the specified procedure, demonstratingsolid basic skills and good skill level.

Preprinting Result

Photo taken by the participants

Quality inspection is the eyes of manufacture! The purpose of organizing this competitionis to enable everyone to fully master the theoretical knowledge and practicalskills of the position through this competition. At the same time, we havestrengthened the ability of employees to respond quickly. Only in this way wecan provide the most accurate data in the shortest time, provide direction andjudgment for production. Through this standard, targeted, time-bound highstandard competition, further improve the level of quality controls, to build ahighly skilled talent team to lay a solid foundation for the production of highquality products to make customers more satisfied.