“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—Rewinding and Packaging Position Competition
Date:2018-10-11 16:10:27

On the morning of Oct.10th, 2018, the rewinding and packaging position practicalcompetition was held in KDPM4 meeting room. The competition content is toidentify the diameter of cicular head. It will actually help to improve thework efficiency if the staffs know about it well.

1.The competitors extracted the serial number

Thecompetitors registered to enter and sat in the corresponding according to theserial number.

2.The referee issued the answer sheet

3.The referee read the rules

4.The manager of production technology department declared the competition open

The manager of production technology department hoped that competitor can race outof level, race out of style, and got good grades.

5.Competition Site

The atmosphere was getting more and more tense! The competitor extracted the numberunder the supervision of the referee, then wrote down the answers.

Waiting competitor also felt the atmosphere of the competition. The game seems simple.However, it is very difficult to write correct answer which it has a differenceof only one centimeter in diameter without measuring tools. This competitionalso was a test of the staff's daily work.


This competition process was open, fair and reasonable. The competition was closelyrelated to daily post operation. It has achieved training by competition andpromoted training by competition, which has improved employees' workenthusiasm.