“Promote craftsman spirit,Build a highly skilled team for KINGDECOR”—Electrical Instrument Engineers Position Competition
Date:2018-10-06 15:16:49

The skills competition of electrical instrument engineers position was successfully finished.

After theory exam, A day and a half practical competition was successfully finished, 18 electrical instrument engineers attend the final competition. The final competition divides into two parts: Electric and Instrument. Competitors has skillful operation, correct methods and appropriate tools, so they finished the efficiently within the stipulated time and played a high level.

Competition rules: Theory Exam score*30% + Electric Exam Score*35% + Instrument Exam Score*35% = Total Score

Look at the electrical instrument engineers’ behavior on the scene

1. Electric Exam

    Electrical instrument engineers have to do actual operation according to the selectedquestion in the final competition, the actual operation including parametersetting of frequency converter to achieve the subject and drawing the drawingas required. Electrical instrument engineers had reasonable and beautifulwiring and operation specification.

2.Instrument Exam

   Electrical instrument engineers have to connect the sensor to the meter, the system will alarmwhen excelled the alarm value. The purpose of examination were havingreasonable and beautiful wiring and understanding instruction book correctly.

This competition is based on the principle of fairness and justice, and fullyconsider the practicality and comprehensiveness of the exam content. Electricalinstrument manager shows his experience on-site and helped employees grow.

    Electrical instruments which are liked eyes monitor the operation of the equipment systemat all times, and their working state are related to quality and productionsafety. The practice test is not only the examination of basic skills, but alsothe test of comprehensive ability. The Skill Competition motivates employees toimprove their professional skills, and constantly improves the comprehensivelevel of electrical instrument team in the talent training mechanism of "coaching,helping, guiding" . KINGDECOR focus on staffs' personnel cultivating allthe time!